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Draw near future country alarm bell of be prepared for danger in times of safety
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On September 24, zhan Mingguo of Xie Zhigang of mayor of river pool city, deputy mayor, superintend and director of safety of hill of municipal blame colliery consults office of natural resources of land of group of group leaders, municipality deputy office grows 7 counties such as Zhou Zhaodong and Jin Chengjiang (city · district) the relevant unit such as superintendency bureau of head of a county and security of river pool city, censorial bureau, in Hua Xiji ore dressing plant of round car river held river pool city to strengthen gangue library safety to manage working site to meet further. Current, in add up to of library of the gangue inside limits of river pool city 71, among them storage capacity 2 of above of 10 million stere, storage capacity 1 million 9 to 10 million stere, storage capacity 60 under 1 million stere. Xie Zhigang inspected ore dressing plant of river of Huaxi group car above all all right library of grey mountain gangue and golden river group are pulled library of gangue of col of bamboo of zincic mine gold, the job removing change that points out in the examination two units want to become company of the reelection inside good library actively, prohibit collecting excessive to dig in dam civil strife. Strengthen gangue library safety to manage working site to be able to go up further in river pool city, the leader of 7 counties town reported safety of library of each county gangue to superintend working circumstance. Supervisory bureau of security of river pool city led secure to library of the gangue inside city job to make detailed report, undertook be analysinged deep to the problem of existence, the construction that points out current gangue inventory is in civil strife of non-standard, library collects excessive to dig lack safe consciousness with administrator, day-to-day management does not reach the designated position wait for a circumstance. Fulfil seriously next gangue library supervises the work, superintendency strength is enhanced below the guidance of ranking and departmental door, the platoon checks safe hidden trouble. Superintend and director of safety of hill of municipal blame colliery consults office of natural resources of land of group group leader, municipality deputy office grows Zhou Zhaodong to go out in speaking middle finger, the deep that must make good gangue warehouse below the examination of concerned branch works, do well deep the superintendency job of gangue library, plan to administer. Listen to a government to concern sectional opinion seriously, strengthen cooperation, reinforce meet an urgent need beforehand the monitoring job of case management and gangue library. Xie Zhigang emphasizes wanting fall work of gangue library safety to real point on the meeting. (Ma Ligong)

Arrive 21 days from September 10, company of nonferrous metal group checks cupreous mound library of 14 gangue of entire company (except in the gangue of old crow mountain that build outside the library) undertook comprehensive, careful, serious platoon 2 times check, be checked oneself at allotting continuously with 22 days on September 18 and save inspection team to check result bulletin, requirement each unit is rectified and reform to the problem of discovery and hidden trouble deadline, want to build data archives and meet an urgent need afresh to each library dam beforehand case, ensure gangue library is safe. Current, this company is in build, using, out of service and the gangue library that shut a library to turn over a place in all 15. Gangue library total storage capacity is 81.24 million stere about, can be 29.03 million stere for use storage capacity, and be in dispersedly and other places of city of cupreous hill, pool, Anqing. To this, this company never treats sth lightly, take the construction of gangue library and management seriously for a long time, cogent serve as safe production fulfil science to develop view, compose to build harmonious enterprise and the main responsibility that defend safety of people life property.
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