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Cogent adopt measure firm to catch safe production Great Harmony to will close 8
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To October 20, great Harmony city will shut 83 scale of production thoroughly lesser or the local colliery that is put in safe hidden trouble. This is a reporter on October 10 from colliery of Great Harmony city " 10 shut " " 10 rectify " those who advance the know on the meeting.
To solve local colliery thoroughly small, medicinal powder, random problem, precautionary colliery produces accident happening, according to the province the government concerns deploy, great Harmony city at going up the month decides to close 83 places coal mine. Up to on October 11, this city already was adopted to 54 among them collieries blow up the pit shaft, member that demolish worker of Wu of ground facilities facilities, demobilization to wait shut measure, additionally 29 collieries also will at be being shut thoroughly before October 20. Advancing on the meeting, concerned controller emphasizes, to the colliery shut the job to carry out system of job responsibility of leader cadre divide up the work and assign a part to each individual or group and responsibility to find out make, not complete to closing a coal mine, cause the person that resurgence produces an accident even, will by depose, dismiss, investigate criminal duty even.

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