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Draw near future country alarm bell of be prepared for danger in times of safety
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Accident of a series of shocking safety that near future home produces, quality, especially library of especially big gangue of Fen of assist of “9·8” Shanxi province breaks through dam accident, ring alarm bell noisy for coloured industry, come day after day, entire industry began comprehensive thorough in time to investigate activity of gangue library safety.

The company austral Jin Ling altogethers in channel of the dikes and dams to gangue library, flood discharge undertakes expert of organization of mine of buccal lead zinc, administrator be checked in the round, in order to ensure the safe operation of gangue library. In library of gangue of mine of zinc of lead of mouth of the every austral Jin Ling is located in Pearl River fountainhead, its safety involved the life security of downstream people in Pearl River, accordingly, this mine ensure operation of gangue library security serves as an important matter to catch. Every mouth mine was cast 1968 postpartum, all previous classics extracts 40 years, had produced gangue many tons 900, this mine manages to facilitate, built 3 gangue library to undertake piling up, among them 1, the gangue of 2 libraries has coagulated solid. In recent years, rise as the year after year of ore crop, gangue crop increases accordingly, every mouth mine is divided increase end arenaceous reclaim outside using, adopt multinomial measure to undertake administrative, ensure the safety of gangue library. This mine mentions the secure job of gangue library above all schedule, held water to grow the rush to deal with an emergency that is commander in chief to provide disaster relief with mine headquarters, comprise lash-up contingent, formulate lash-up beforehand case, with answering the happening of sudden accident; allocates a worker next library of gangue of long-term quarter at, ; of the observation that is in charge of pair of library areas, go on a tour of inspection 3 it is fixed organization expert have safe examination to channel of mouth of dikes and dams, flood discharge, drain flooded fields, be in especially flood season, execute three-shift system to patrol, so that discover in time, eliminate; of safe hidden trouble 4 it is to invest special fund every year, the maintenance that is used at gangue library works. (Zhang Qiu benefit) the safety of library of gangue of company each unit whether withstand examination and test? Whether does 2 class team identify subordinate the lesson that library of gangue of true derive Shanxi breaks through dam accident, cogent strengthened safety to superintend? On October 8, 9 days, group of Zhang Lin of director of company of coloured of big smelt metal is successive two days on a special trip the moving case that Ma Gong of the company of estate of Feng Shan copper of thorough company subordinate, Xin peaceful company, Xin manages and verdigris hill mine examined library of each mine gangue on the spot, exhort repeatedly chief of unit of each 2 class: Joyous ㄒ  wishs? of stomach of quail of fleabane of black of accept of magpie of be favored with is cogent the safety that does good gangue library is superintended and hidden trouble eliminates the job, ensure gangue library no risk at all. (Guo Xiaoyong)
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