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Liaoning gives grave accident of colliery of heavy fist keep within limits
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“ colliery accident teachs profundity a lesson, we should regain consciousness the austere condition that meets current colliery safe production, give heavy fist, issue fierce medicine, take practical strong step, grave accident of colliery of keep within limits happens. ”9 month day of 19 days of —20, install by the State Council appoint ” of special subject travel comes to the “ colliery safety that meeting office organizes to Liaoning, liaoning province introduced to happen in Shenyang recently about the leader, mound after the investigation state of affairs of new two collieries accident, deep-felt the determination that expressed grave accident of determined keep within limits.

Liaoning saves a vice-governor to say, check colliery hidden trouble for complete platoon, province government already decided to begin from September 5 to “ 11 ” grow false end, allow mine only ventilated catchment, do not allow birth stoutly. To the colliery of stop production, public security mechanism stops to supply igneous work to taste; Stop production colliery, by the canal that save coal coal of branch, city runs branch, county (area) coal canal branch, concerned countryside (town) leader and “ of person of mine of a particular package contract ” , treat defend to the death to death. During colliery stop production, bureau of the canal that save coal and bureau of Liaoning coal inspect take out a cadre to produce coal city to stay at a selected grass-roots unit to help improve its work and gain first hand experience for guiding overall work to complete province superintend and director is checked. Organize production to do sth without authorization of stop production colliery, once discovery gives instantly,shut; 100 thousand tons of the following small coal mines, should produce death only accident of 3 people above, give instantly shut, and mine advocate go up “ blacklist ” , cancel its to be engaged in colliery exploitation qualification in Liaoning. Wait for 11 ” of “ to grow false end, save governmental general according to the small coal mine that has made answer produce check and accept 10 regulations, to father answer produce check and accept close, omit governmental decision, answer produce check and accept bureau of the canal that save coal is received on authority. Each city, county (area) coal canal branch sets according to 10, to putting forward answer produce the small coal mine that checks and accept application to have first trial and review a case, eligible, pass; By the province coal provides bureau last instance finally, from severe guard a pass. In these 3 link, “ whose examine and verify, who signs, who is in charge of ” .

The management that belongs to key colliery to the province also a bit dare be not loosened. Li Jia says, current, bureau of bureau of the canal that save coal, Liaoning coal inspect has formed examination group, head a group by bureau leader, chase mine, chase a face to undertake checking, do not accord with safe production condition, give stoutly stop production. In the meantime, bureau of bureau of the canal that save coal, Liaoning coal inspect put an end to “ 3 exceed ” problem to superintend censorial key as current security, 3 it is every puts what 3 transcend ” problem in “ , remove sb from office of long to mine, clerk, give administration punishment of warning to group company president, general manager.
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