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Jilin ensures target of safe production of implementation colliery annual
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Implement spirit of conference of video of countrywide safe production to be carried out seriously, consolidate I omit condition of colliery safe production further, ensure I save target of job of annual safe production to come true smoothly, my province held meeting of video of colliery safe production on September 8. The conference was reported condition of colliery safe production is omited completely since this year, and hind job of key of safe production of 4 months colliery undertook arranging disposition. Session, the reporter saves safe production situation and the successful implementation that how ensure I save cause of job of colliery safe production with respect to me, interviewed secretary of leading Party group of province Coal Board, director Comrade Zhao Quanzhou technically.

One, colliery safe production must take seriously highly

Reporter: Since this year, I save coal battlefront to carry out country and province government seriously a series of directive spirit about colliery safe production, increase safe investment, solid begin “ 100 days superintend and director checks special operation ” , situation of safe production of complete province colliery maintains overall stability, why do you still emphasize must taking safe production job seriously highly again and again?

Zhao Quanzhou: Although I save situation of coal safe production to be stabilized basically, but we think, still not allow hopeful, wraparound rising is: Be fond of care half, shoulder heavy responsibilities.

From home and me topological features of province colliery safety looks must take seriously highly. A few accidents that near future home reports, also save colliery production to ring alarm bell noisy for me. Save in me, especially local colliery, safe production situation still austere, accordingly, the safe production of 4 months works after ask taller, responsibility is heavier, difficulty is greater also, how to assure to be in this moment, safe production does not have an accident, make sure people life property is safe, this is us current the first important or urgent business.

The problem that exists from colliery safety looks must take seriously highly. Current, individual unit leader is blind to secure job hopeful, cannot perserve, catch safe production job to be put in fear of difficulty to mix deal with a thought; Difference of the existence on especially big accident is weighed in effective keep within limits, safe hidden trouble especially great and safe hidden trouble has not been eliminated completely, in gas prevention and cure and water kill the respect such as processing to return existence difference, safe foundation still more fragile, safe production was not sure. These problems must cause us to take seriously highly.

2, catch job of good safe production to must stress a focal point

Reporter: Director Zhao, you emphasize in the conference, should carry out fulfil good country to install spirit of conference of video of inspect total bureau to must stress a focal point, can you say in detail?
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