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General office of the State Council releases urgent announcement to ask to stren
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In recent years, job of foundation of safe production of our country mine is strengthened ceaselessly, accident gross drops substantially, but serious especially big accident has not get effective keep within limits, situation of mine safe production still austere. On September 8, 2008, shanxi saves the city that face Fen to assist library of gangue of limited company of mining industry of Fen county new tower produces particularly great accident breaking through dam. Via preliminary investigation, this is the enterprise breaks the law badly violate compasses production and the accident of special weighty responsibility that about the government sector superintendency not do one's best causes, cause abominable effect socially. Draw accident lesson for profundity, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, take strict precautions against similar accident to happen, general office of the State Council was released on September 13 " the urgent announcement that works about strengthening mine safe production further " , with respect to concerned item the announcement is as follows:

One, the value that sufficient understanding enhances mine safe production to work and pressing sex
Current, completely state-owned metal is metalloid mine is close 100 thousand, among them 95% for small-sized mine, safe instability, interior management is lax, engineering technology is backward, safe condition is poorer, rise urgently from quality of personnel of course of study. Rise in price as mine product especially, the phenomenon of heavy benefit, light safety is serious still, break the law violate compasses behavior to be banned repeatedly more than, together with a few places take safe production job seriously insufficient, superintendency not do one's best, accident of safety of heavy especially big mine happens from time to tome, cause severe loss to people life property. Should various places, departmental door, each unit absorb “9 deeply? The mine accident that especially big accident breaking through dam produces with the near future teachs 8” a lesson, implement the spirit of important written instructions that implements the Party Central Committee, the State Council to lead a comrade seriously, cogent regard the main task that fulfils science to develop view, compose to build socialistic harmony society as safe production, improve knowledge further, strengthen a leadership, aggrandizement government security superintends main body responsibility and responsibility of main body of company safe production, in the light of our region this unit mine safe production puts the weak point that be in and outstanding issue, take cogent and significant step, determined keep within limits weighs especially big accident, continue to reduce gross of mine company accident.
2, safety of aggrandizement gangue library controls government
(one) severe blow violates manufacturing act illegally. To getting safe production license, did not pass safe facilities “ 3 ” is acceptable at the same time gangue library, want to instruct its stop production to rectify and reform instantly, classics mark still does not amount to after rectifying and reform, give lawfully stoutly shut; Do not carry out safe production to permit system and do sth without authorization to use deserted gangue library to have manufacturing company to refus, should give lawfully ban; Store to exceeding a quantity to discharge gangue, random without standard design or illicit caboodle build and do sth without authorization is violated compasses increase expensive dam put oneself in another's position, should card is illuminated related revoke, halt production and fulfil ban, shut measure, ensure safe.
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