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Demand of Sichuan vice-governor Li Chengyun is strong stress good colliery safet
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I what should absorb near future happening deeply save appropriate guest city to start line of business of coal of river of article county gold coal of limited company “9.5” and gas highlight new abundant of accident of fire of “9.20” of colliery of accident and Heilongjiang Fu Hua and Henan coal of 2 mine “9.21” and gas are highlighted, outstanding catch good colliery gas to administer the job, strict “ 3 defend ” management, colliery of determined keep within limits weighs especially big accident to happen. Each district, each should supervise and urge about the branch colliery enterprise is firm establish “ gas to exceed the concept that be restricted is accident ” , accelerate construction “ ventilated and reliable, smoke collect amount to mark, monitoring effective, management reachs the designated position the colliery gas of ” administers working system integratedly, perfect orgnaization, enrich personnel. Should adopt measure to supervise and urge outstanding mine strengthens ventilated system examination, prohibit the series connection of any forms is ventilated; Should supervise and urge outstanding mine fulfils “ quaternity ” strictly to prevent dash forward measure, cogent accomplish after be being smoked first, collect, do not smoke do not collect, short of is smoked do not collect index, prevent dash forward measure is not fulfilled do not collect. Ventilated to mine system is unreasonable, the facilities of ventilated, gas that monitor is not perfect, diseased, prevent dash forward the mine that measure does not fulfil, concerned branch should instruct stop production to rectify instantly, deadline is rectified and reform; The mine of condition of primary to rectifying and reform all up, short of safe production, uniform give shut. Want to increase hidden trouble platoon to examine processing strength further, fulfil the requirement that put out a fire prevents below colliery well, increase to already closing mine, discard as useless the go on a tour of inspection that mine, capital construction mine and stop production rectify mine and monitoring strength, the mine of existence flood must adopt explore turn on the water instantly measure. Want to accelerate construction of safe and efficient mine, advance excavate mechanization, exert oneself solves me to save colliery excavate to replace nervous, “ relation of 3 quantities ” is maladjusted wait for outstanding issue, organize manufacturing mine forcibly to having safe production requirement, want to be hit stoutly and be investigated, cogent accomplish insecure do not produce stoutly.

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