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Safe production of Liaoning Shenyang start shooting total stop production of sma
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Be called last weekend black of “ of countrywide safe production on the weekend ”—— two days, accident of 3 super safe production, more than 100 life die. On September 22, “ of domain of safe production of start shooting of city of Liaoning province Shenyang ” of 4 big battle: The danger inside enterprise of cracker of library of small coal mine, gangue, firework, 3 annulus changes an industry to close entirely stop!

Close the small coal mine that stop: Before 11 ” of “ total stop production

This year, coal supplies insecurity, coal price violent wind rises, size colliery exists overfulfill actuation. Thing of many colliery of countrywide overfulfills since onetime capital disaster this year. A few days ago, the province is installed appoint meeting deploy, each city small coal mine, to “ from September 5 11 ” grow false end, total stop production. During, forbid answer produce check and accept, forbid maintenance turning over canopy, technical reformation stops entirely, allow mine only ventilated catchment. Henceforth, to 100 thousand tons the following (contain 100 thousand tons) small coal mine, should produce death only accident of 3 people above, should give instantly shut, and mine is main go up “ blacklist ” , cancel its to be engaged in the qualification that the colliery extracts in Liaoning.

Shenyang municipal government is affirmatory, allow to be cost with the collier's life anything but, come to those who exchange output rise. Strive to be before the end of the year, shut law library county to drive home of edge of law library county colliery of cypress home channel, actively colliery and Kang Ping county of 3 desk colliery and group of iron law colliery recombine the job.

Involve the gangue library that stop: Shenyang is shut 7 times entirely

The warehouse of gangue of Shanxi assist Fen that produced on September 8 this year breaks down dam accident astonishs the throughout the country, let ” of “ gangue library the vocabulary becomes this Everyman unfamiliar heat discusses a central issue. According to introducing, at present Liaoning province puts 1077 in library of of all kinds gangue, row whole nation the 2nd. Gangue library wastes resource not only, also pollute an environment, had made the focal point of monitoring of the environmental protection, branch that bring watch.

Current, liaoning province has 684 gangue library to accord with stop production to rectify a condition, they will be included first stop production to consolidate list.

The reporter understands, shenyang city shares 7 gangue library, include among them: The mining industry austral ore dressing plant of Ou Yongcheng of processing factory of ore of the ore dressing plant of processing factory of processing factory of processing factory of pink of iron of couplet of Shenyang city blessing, pink of the iron that protect interest, pink of rich Xin iron, Cheng Jiang, grand that allow a surname, Dong Ling, muddy is finite library of liability company gangue, afore-mentioned gangue libraries will be shut entirely.
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