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Letter of challenge of Heilongjiang governor chestnut and mayor of 4 coal city w
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Late on September 24, letter of challenge of Heilongjiang governor chestnut calls together chicken on the west, mayor of city of hillock of 7 double duck hill, rivers, crane holds an informal discussion, I save joint research deploy colliery safe production works. He emphasizes, administration of each district city basically is led, especially colliery city mayor wants recognize the grim situation of current safe production, hold sober head, serious derive accident is taught a lesson, cogent take on a safe production responsibility of person of the first responsibility, accomplish brains to want to regain consciousness from beginning to end, understanding should reach the designated position, punish wants determined, responsibility wants to fulfil, punishment wants strict, make I save colliery safety topological features to improve as soon as possible. Du Jiahao of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, standing vice-governor attends the meeting.

Various government should have sober understanding, bright footing, strict and impartial discipline, strong move

After listening to circumstance of safe production of colliery of mayor of 4 coal city to report seriously, chestnut letter of challenge points out, safe production is people most the the care, directest, realest interest problem, it is to need to often be caught indefatigable, cannot the problem of great the people's livelihood that a bit loosens. Various government must have sober understanding, bright footing, strict and impartial discipline, strong move, cogent had grabbed this job. I am saved is big province of resource the sources of energy, safe production situation is in austere condition all the time. The loss of accident of fire of colliery of 9·20 of crane hillock city of near future happening is huge, the lesson is bitter, save job of coal safe production to ring alarm bell noisy for me again: Job of colliery safe production also cannot be ignored momently, also cannot loosen momently.

Main leader does not make on safe production problem cannot the mistake of light forgive

Chestnut letter of challenge says, the requirement that works to safe production in the province cannot call unidentified, find out to responsibility cannot call not clear, cannot call to day-to-day management incompact, but safe production accident especially the safe production accident of civilian battalion colliery is ceaseless all the time. Accident enough explains, I save safe production working base is flimsy, consciousness of tenet of lack of individual leader cadre, overall situation consciousness, hardship consciousness, responsibility consciousness, thought lax, management flabby, work is not steady. 4 coal castellan wants administration to lead, should cogent increase the safe production job that attachs most importance to a dot with the colliery to fulfil scientific progress view, those who raise a party be in office ability, hold to with factitious this, compose builds people of harmonious society, safeguard the basiccest live the height of life right will know, from beginning to end take up safe production this bowstring, correct the tendency of heavy production, light safety stoutly, alarm bell is long cry, overcome paralytic and lax with war-weary and fluky psychology, be determined sturdily, grab job of good safe production in the round. Main leader is not opposite the government the mistake that pay no attention to makes on masses cry and sufferings problem, not be on safe to relation masses life problem the mistake that makes apathetic, catching the mistake that bureaucratism, formalism makes on colliery safe production.
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