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Hill of Heilongjiang double duck adopts 3 measure firm to grab job of colliery s
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Heilongjiang saves city of double duck hill to take 3 significant step, firm grabs job of colliery safe production, obtained delectable result.

It is to establish colliery inspection team, increase inspection job strength. Established team of 6 collieries inspection, to each county (area) job of colliery safe production is protected into luggage, be in charge of pair of whole town mine of mine of mine of 30 point focal point, 110 office production, 61 office stop production shut mine to begin an inspection 2007 with 44 place, execute a well to check to key mine; Do not undertake selectiving examination under the scale of 40% to producing mine to press; Mix to stop production shut mine to undertake night is checked 3 times every week, the key checks each county (area) colliery safety work arranges deploy, system of safety production and bag to protect system of job responsibility to fulfil during the Olympic Games, be on guard each measure is fulfilled, class of belt of examination of leader belt line, leader is on duty wait for a circumstance. End at present, team of 6 collieries inspection inspects a coal mine in all 873 place (second) , the platoon checks hidden trouble 540, already rectified and reform 516, rectify and reform rate amount to 95.6% .

2 it is to make perfected safe examination to express, fulfil layer upon layer and responsible make and fair show make. Check personnel, person in charge by the spot leader, main leader is layer upon layer sign on safe examination watch. Execute safety to superintend fair show a system, bring city group of inspect detachment be assigned personal responsibility for, county (area) means of the full name that provides a controller, bag to protect the responsibility person, supervisor that be stationed in mine, post, connection is in the colliery is important locally the wall is fair show.

3 it is to make a colliery superintend “ 10 uniform ” , of all kinds accident produces precautionary colliery. Not complete to be being put in card to illuminate or not be inside period of efficacy and check and accept do sth without authorization to produce without start working; Be not exercise of normal coal mining, random Cheng or do sth without authorization to add working face; Ventilated system is unreasonable, ventilated establishment is fluky and did not hit set permanent and airtight; Exploitation of cross the border exceeding a layer reachs illegal production; Super- ability, exceed intensity, exceed fixed number of persons to organize production and direct of violate the rules and regulations, violate the rules and regulations exercise, disobey work discipline; Expensive gas and tall canal mine were not installed smoke what put a system or cannot use normally; Gas supervisory system moves fluky be not worth with probe amount; Did not carry out the system of mine strip class, personnel that enter a well to did not adorn save oneself implement did not hold card mount guard with staff of special type work; Build, rebuild, extend mine did not press design construction or existence produces action; County (area) , city start working checks and accept affirmatory time to rectify and reform did not press rectify and reform time limit to finish the waits for one of 10 sides issues colliery that rectify and reform same stop production is rectified, from severe from heavy punishment, till shut, do not grant during the Olympic Games start working is checked and accept, be stationed in mine 24 hours to stare at by team member of city mine relieve a sick or injured person defend. Pass news media “ regulation of 10 uniform ” undertakes issuance to whole town, reach its print and distribute every colliery industry, in clear position fair show on wall. Established supervise inform against a phone, accept society and masses to inform against supervise. End at present, because disobey “ to 10 uniform ” set and be rectified by stop production,already 6 manage a coal mine.
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