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Chinese Selenium favour distributinging circumstance of resource of the Selenium
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Favour resource of the Selenium that use town is had distributing wide, reserves big, bury is shallow wait for a characteristic. Main ode puts selenium ore deposit at 2 alternate is cogongrass mouth group 2 paragraphs (silicon qualitative cliff paragraph) in layer, basically distributing to be stroked in wash one's hair, board bridge, Luo Zhentian, Ma Zhe, ironworks dam, homeward village, the strange sheep dam, river intermediate, Huang Cun, dene perianth, double river, laterite brook, stone kiln, banana, fill. Selenium ore reserves amounts to many tons 50, the grade that contain selenium is 230, 6300 grams / ton. Dam of pond of double river fishing (before level ground anticline and too between hill temple anticline south double river syncline on the west paragraph) have the exclusive independent Selenium deposit on the world, already ascertain reserves 640 thousand tons, pure Selenium is average content 3637.5ppm, adapted " selenium cannot form independent industry deposit " traditional conclusion. Whole town contains selenium carbon to pledge shale and bone coal give dew area to be 850 square kilometer, ledge ply 3.6, 9 meters, selenium ore reserves amounts to many tons 50, every tons contain selenium 500, 5500 grams, highest amount to 84 kilograms, edaphic Selenium is highest 178.8ppm, average 19.11ppm. The villages and towns that is a center with selenium bed all is tall Selenium area, 73% what occupy whole town gross area. Newspage

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