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Characteristic of mercuric mine raw material
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Mercury is in nature is widespread, be in not only the crustal is having in of all kinds rock distributing extensively, and in the lithosphere external medium, air encircles hydrosphere biosphere is medium, medium widespread also presence, but compare with photograph of other part element, its content is however a few mixing of minim. Mercury is average in the lithosphere content (namely elemental abundance) for 8.3 × 10-6% , distributing in of all kinds rock inhomogenous, in deposit cliff opposite taller, for 4 × 10-5% , in 8 × 10-6% is in acidity magma cliff, super- base 1 × 10-6%(is in sexual rock Weinuogeladuofu, 1962) . The of 99.8% mercury in the lithosphere all shows dispersive condition ode to be put at of all kinds rock in, and only the mercuric ability of 0.02% centers rich collect to make deposit.

Mercury shows natural element in nature or the ionic compound of Hg2 exists, have intense close sulfur sex and close copper sex. Current, the mercury that already discovered is mineral and contain mercury mineral have 20 about a variety of. Among them, it is mercuric sulfide for the most part, it is next a few natural mercury, Selenium changes salt of content, telluride, sulfur, halide and oxide to wait. Common mine owner wants to have: Natural mercury (Hg, contain Hg100%) , cinnabar (HgS, contain Hg86.2%) , black cinnabar (what HgS is cinnabar is coessential much elephant is aberrant, contain mercuric ore deposit of Hg86.2%) , grey Selenium (HgSe, contain ore deposit of Hg71.7%) , brightness mercury (Hg(S, se) , contain mercuric ore deposit of Hg83.8%) , tellurium (HgTe, contain Hg61.5%) , mercurous chloride (Hg2Cl2, contain ore deposit of Hg84.9%) chloric mercury (Hg4Cl2O, contain Hg90.2%) , yellow chloric mercuric ore deposit (Hg2ClO, contain HgO of red stone of Hg88.65%) , orange, contain antimonial ore deposit of mercury of Hg92.87%) , sulfur (HgSb4S7, contain copper mine of Hg22%) , mercuric black (Cu10(Hg, fe, zn)2Sb4S13, contain Hg6% ~ 17%) , mercuric silver-colored ore deposit (the varietal) that AgHg is natural silver rich mercury. Among them, what as industry mineral raw material has exploitation value basically is cinnabar, black cinnabar. Stone of cinnabar rich ore can enter furnace smelt directly, but most mercuric bed contains mercuric amount inferior, ore should use mineral separation method smelt of ability of rich compositive concentrate.
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