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Mineral definition
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Mineral the natural simple substance that shows by geological action place is formed or compound. They have relatively fixed chemical composition, the person that present solid state still has affirmatory internal composition; They are stable inside certain physico-chemical condition limits, it is the main unit that forms rock and ore.

Current and foregone mineral have 3000 kinds or so about, great majority is solid state mineral, of liquid state (if oil, nature is mercuric) , gaseous (like natural gas, carbon dioxide and helium) and solid state organic matter (be like oil shale, amber) occupy tens of planting only. In solid state mineral in, the majority belongs to crystalloid mineral, seldom count only (the allophane that be like water) belong to noncrystalline mineral. Come from beyond the earth other spherical is natural simple substance or compound, call the universe mineral. What obtain by artificial method place is certain with natural and mineral identical or kind the simple substance that be the same as or compound, call synthesis mineral if man-made is lapidary. Mineral raw material and mineral material are a very important kind of natural resource, apply extensively at each branches of industry and agriculture and science and technology.

The chemical composition of coal is very flabby not be mineral surely, it is typical mixture.

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