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The type of 7 kinds of disposition of diamond cut
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Like having different nature as everybody, the diamond of different figure is accompanying different disposition trend likewise.

The most classical the oldest also circular diamond disposition conservative, individual character is gentle. Their deflection at traditional, like regular life, love the home, amiable, have very strong trustful sense and safe feeling to the sweetheart, have contented feeling very easily also, it is inherent virtuous wife fine mother.

This is pattern of the most familiar a kind of cut, also be called rose cut. Because this is planted,the diamond of means cut can blossom most glorious, and the circle can suit all situations, the diamond that has more than 75% so is become by cut of the circle. Form of this kind of cut is regarded to be the foundation of contemporary diamond cut.

Representing originality elliptically, they have creativity independently very much normally, go up in the life or career no matter, appear extraordinary. Very strong personality and perseverance, make them OK be the action that them a lot of dream pays, can become entrepreneur and author. They have deep love for the job to also like the life.

Elliptic cut diamond is with the circle the traditional structure of liquid form cut is a foundation, be called again so improved and bright model diamond. To elliptic diamond, of length and width than be 1.5:1scale is the most perfect gold scale.

Princess square model diamond has glamour and intention, it is typical modern woman, they are self-confident and vogue, firm soft and the disposition of aid, 4 her edges and corners represent He Zunchong of responsibility, courage, affection respectively.

This is in last few years the means of a kind of cut of special be current, the appearance with trenchant edges and corners adds ' princess square ' the name of this act artfully to get what one wants more become young girl love most. Princess square diamond is become by cut typical square, take part having a tip. This is the quadrate version that has the circle of many glow face to get cut. Princess type cut is a tenet with withholding weight of octahedral diamond crystal, can cut goes out to provide the reasonable price, diamond that has appeal more to come more. This kind of diamond is used at approach to set sometimes, in order to build on ring one complete twinkle the effect of line.
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