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Do you know lime cliff?
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Lime cliff (the carbonate cliff that Limestone) is bases with calcite. Contain sometimes dolomite, clay mineral and drossy and mineral, have grey, ashen, ash black, yellow, shallow brown is red, red wait for color, hardness is general not quite, as acuteness as reaction of rare hydrochloric acid. The structure is relatively complex, have drossy structure and grain structure two kinds. Drossy structure is much form with content of bright brilliant cementation by matrix of brilliant of grain, mud. Grain calls bead bits again, basically have inside biology is drossy, drossy wait with Er bead, slimy brilliant matrix is the mortar that by calcium carbonate fine bits or crystal comprise, particle is less than 0.05 millimeter mostly, content of bright brilliant cementation is to fill up the chemistry in hole is sedimentary between grain of Yu Yan stone, it is the calcite crystal grain that the diameter is more than 0.01 millimeter; Grain structure is the crystal grain that precipitate by chemistry and biochemical action and becomes. Can divide ash of the bits that it is bead according to cause of formation cliff, biology grey cliff and chemical ash cliff. Lime cliff basically is formed below the environment of shallow sea, be in area of lime cliff growth, often form configuration the karst landforms of each different. Lime cliff is the main raw material of fire lime and cement, it is the flux of puddling and steel-making.

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