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Distributing very wide hematite
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Of the Fe2O3 in nature coessential much elephant is varietal and foregone have two kinds, namely α - Fe2O3 and γ - Fe2O3. Former stable below natural condition, call hematite; Latter is inferior to α below natural condition - Fe2O3 is stable, be in metastable to decide position, the hematite is magnetism that say.
   Hematite: Fe69.94% , o30.06% , often contain Ti of kind of content of the qualitative interfuse that be the same as an elephant, Al, Mn, Fe2, Ca, Mg to reach a few Ga and Co. Tripartite brilliant is, in good condition crystal is scarce. Crystallization hematite is steel gray, concealed crystalloid; Earthy record hematite shows red. Striation is cherry red or color of bright pork liver. The metal comes half metal burnish. Sometimes burnish is dim. Hardness 5 ~ 6. Specific gravity 5 ~ 5.3.
The aggregate of hematite has all sorts of pattern, form a few mineral subspecies, namely:

   (1) spiegeleisen mineThe rose shape that is a metallic burnish or piece the aggregate of shape hematite.
   (2) micaceous hematiteProvide the hematite of shape of crystalloid fine scale of metallic burnish.

   (3) Er shape or kidney shape hematiteConfiguration shows the hematite of Er shape or kidney shape.

Hematite is one of very numerous iron ore other people distributing in nature, can form at all sorts of geological action, but give priority to in order to heat up fluid action, deposit action and area metamorphism action. In oxidation belt, hematite can be formed by action of dehydrate of classics of limonite or fine iron ore, needle iron ore. But also can become needle iron ore and water hematite to wait. Below the reproducibility conditions, hematite can transform for magnetite, call false appearance magnetite.

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