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Mine machinery develops mining industry future
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The history of industry of machinery of our country mine and development our country are having long history in metallic cutting respect. Ancient time machines stone qualitative, woodiness, bone and other metalloid implements are today the sinfonia that the metal machines. There is stone chopping tool in the the Old Stone Age, arrived The Neo-lithic Age, people got ceaseless improvement with the tool of the production in fighting of nature again, be like: Zax, Shi Dao, Shi Lian. And with can be on stone implement bore. Enchase hard Shi Ren even or stick receive in bone go up make the type that place firm knife of Shi Ren bone.

The mankind from rise at that time, knew the effect of edge stage by stage in producing practice. Such OK saying, a primitive cutting machined a process to form. Basically had the postulate of cutting: Cutting tool (the stone implement) that takes point, by treatment object (production and) of articles for daily use, cutting moves.
The metallic cutting of our country machines craft, begin from bronze ware times budding, be formed gradually and develop. Had had to year period from Yan Shang quite the industry of casting of bronze smelt metal that develop appeared all sorts of bronze tools, be like: File of bronze knife, bronze, bronze curiums etc. At the same time unearthed relics and record of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty make clear, the bronze tool of the production of this period and life tool, want to be machined through cutting mostly in production process or abrade. The technology of smelt metal casting of our country is earlier than Western Europe more than 1000 years. Cementite, quench, the invention with steel-making technology, offerred convenience condition to make hard and sharp tool. The occurrence of iron qualitative tool, show metallic cutting machines the phase that entered anew. The business generation before having account watch to be in tomorrow morning more than 3000 years had had rotating carve jade tool, this namely the predecessor of metallic cutting machine tool. 70 time the money of 5 an ancient unit of weight that in Heibei full city a Chinese grave comes up out of land, there is the mark that passes turning on the circle outside its, knife flower is even, cutting vibration is moire and clear, ovality is very small. Wear money of 5 an ancient unit of weight likely install clip to be on ligneous lathe next on square axis, taking a tool to undertake cutting with the hand.
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