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Say natural gold with you
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Natural gold (Nativegold) the nature that is gold dollar element is mineral, be in namely nature is natural the bullion of existence, civilian common says " dog head gold " . Natural gold can be dendritic, graininess, piece shape, lump is waited a moment. Once had had many kilograms 200 natural gold to be discovered. Originate in bed (natural gold is mixed in other and mineral or rock is medium) gold calling arteries and veins, originate in placer deposit to make alluvial gold mediumly, also existing in seawater natural gold, about every tons have 10 microgramme left and right sides. Gold is precious metal, have wonderful electric conduction, heat conduction, fight extend strong acid, by force wait for function, having a lot of main use. }

With gold (Au) the natural element that give priority to is mineral. The mainest and mineral raw material of gold. Often contain silver and minim copper, electrum says when containing silver to amount to 10 % . Natural gold crystallization becomes department of brilliant waiting for an axis, show commonly dendritic, graininess or scale shape yields, see irregular chunk body occasionally, heft tens of kilogram individually. Provide metallic burnish, color and striation all are shining golden yellow, the addition that follows the quantity that contain silver turns into gradually flaxen. Mohs hardness 2.5 ~ 3, specific gravity 15.6 ~ 19.3. Arteries and veins or pyrite arteries and veins call the quartz that originates in hot fluid cause of formation mediumly gold of arteries and veins; Originate in placer deposit to call arenaceous gold mediumly. Also see in conglomerate of metamorphism of cold fierce department afore have huge field. California of Weitewatesilan, United States mixes south Africa Er person, Canada installs Xin Nawei of Alaska, Australia Ural of rude, Russia and Siberia and other places are world-renowned auriferous ground. Chinese gold mine basically distributings area of and other places of northeastern, northwest, Shandong, Hunan.
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