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Oil is geological new progress
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Oil is geological it is an is born as activity of oil gas exploration technology, its since mankind is summed up with what distributinging rule knows to be being formed to oil gas in exploration, it is the academic weapon of activity of exploration of directive mankind oil gas. All over the world inside limits, through exploration activity of nearly 100 years, the remnant of virgin land place without exploration very few, the oily gas field that searchs easily is discovered mostly. To the demand that the sources of energy increases ceaselessly, and of exploration difficulty bigger and bigger, it is to place all over the world oil exploration person the one big contradiction before. World oil exploration is facing very grim challenge, to new depth (deep-seated exploration) , new field (oily gas pool of construction of gas of natural gas, special rule, blame) the general trend that marching is exploration of current oil gas. Below this kind of situation, force us to develop technology of exploration of new oil geology and theory of oil gas exploration, oil gas, absorb the new achievement of relevant course extensively, in order to get used to the need of situation of exploration of contemporary oil gas and development. Review nearly 20 one's remaining years to come, oil is geological the progress that reachs oil gas exploration to obtain, relevant brim course (tell the category that also belongs to oil geology from old idea) development huge promoted the development with geological oil, improve the efficiency of oil gas exploration.

Board piece the application of tectonics. Board piece of tectonic doctrine be born, be known as ' geological the revolutionary ' that go up, it altered the understanding with tectonic to the whole world people, also give oil at the same time geological brought new vitality, the earth that it discussed oiliness to enrage basin happening and development with brand-new appearance is kinetic setting, explain with a kind of new point of view oil gas is in integratedly the rich market pattern of the whole world that distributing, enlarged oily exploration domain and people to look for oily train of thought.
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