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Laos the majority of copper and aluminum and other mineral resources untapped
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From the Lao Ministry of Mineral Resources officials disclosed that many mining projects approved in recent years, Laos, there are still a lot of untapped mineral resources. Approved mining projects accounted for only 21% of land area, of which only 3% of the mining. According to a preliminary investigation shows that the Department, the Lao approximately 17 million tons of gold ore reserves; Zinc stone can be used to refine 80 million tons and 2.9 million tons of copper in 182 million tons of copper ore. There are also 160 million tons of tin ore, 125 million tonnes of bauxite, iron ore, 14 million tons, 128 million tons of gypsum, potash ore reserves of 390 million tons and 374 million tons coal stone.

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