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Area of many keys seeking ore deposit becomes Hunan mine geology condition is ad
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Recently, the electorate of perambulate of resource of Hunan Province mineral products that from office of natural resources of Hunan Province land the organization holds learns on the seminar, save geological institute to be united in wedlock in recent years geological perambulate achievement, actor singles area of 57 keys seeking ore deposit.
In last few years, of the ceaseless development that looks for a collier to make as geology and new technology, new theory, new method apply, hunan geology looked for mine to obtain significant breakthrough in department of old mine dark side not only, and also discovered a batch in new developed area large and medium-sized bed, the condition mixes the geology becoming mine that showed Hunan is advantageous adequately to look for mine latent capacity tremendously.
It is reported, hunan geology studies the place begins the foundation that mine is forecasted and studies integratedly to go up, be united in wedlock in recent years geological perambulate achievement, decided through actor choosing 57 perambulate look for the key area of mine. What should make clear the Long Xi that keep peace, mine of zinc of lead of Si brook river is checked beforehand wait for area of 10 target seeking ore deposit; Carry 2 explore of pair of geology, content, development that turn material of explore, remote sensing, what actor singles out dimensions of 3 administrative levels, different level, different grade is main take 13 into mine; Much metal of tungsten of stannum of region of country of cardinal principles of righteousness becomes the resource of main and potential mineral products such as area of mine distant view to look for mine to forecast an area 16; Tin ore Shan Dayi hill, magma of construction of much metal of Chen city coloured becomes mine zone to wait for 8 to look for mine target area mainly, laurel in relief county (Huang Sha) level ground treasure (hill) the ore field of plumbic zinc much metal key ore field that has deep to look for mine foreground 10. Newspage
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