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Iron ore of Chinese steel look forward to negotiates or be benefited
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Regard global economy as brisk rate surveyor's pole, the barometer BDI(that global shipping dry bulk cargo carries is Baltic index of dry bulk cargo) the index steeps fall 194 bits, sign up for 1615 a little bit, created 5 years to come new low, be apart from this year the height May 20 11793 bits, already folded go 86% . The analyst thinks, global banking crisis causes people to be anxious to what economy glides is the prime cause that causes BDI to steep fall. Drop to 1000 bits of upper part from 10 thousand bits the peak period of carriage market of dry bulk cargo that the fourth quarter is a tradition, BDI index did not rise as scheduled, contrary from September the bottom begins swift and violent drop. Although this one index by far place is handed in to release in the Baltic boat besides a thousand li, but its every time wave motion is affecting market of global shipping price. "Still did not come into stock " , the sea connects negotiable securities traffic to carry Niu Yuming of industry core analyst to tell a reporter. Luo Xiong of the negotiable securities that enrol business expresses: "Did not come into stock, demand was done not have, freight rate nature drops. "   from 8891 bits at the beginning of 2008, after amounting to a height 11793 a little bit to May 20, BDI maintains all the way glide situation, heretofore already traded the 8th times continuously day drops. Up to 1615 bits of October 15, fold go 86% . This drops a stock market that Yuan Chao spends the corresponding period and crude oil futures. Current shipping market is called by Niu Yuming " an a foul wind and a rain of blood " , "Appear to drop considerably so inside so short time the judgement that exceeds us, although we are right of BDI drop to have early anticipate " . Chu Hai of the negotiable securities that bring a letter also expresses so: "The concussion of financial storm, walk along the pessimism of situation to forecast the fuse that became BDI to drop to hypostatic economy, whole market is diffusing panicky mood, long-dated trade agreement by a large number of undersell. "   besides be anxious to global economic situation, chinese iron and steel is right the reduces to also be considered as BDI to steep fall the biggest factor of iron ore demand. Current, in volume of global dry bulk cargo, the biggest head is iron ore, it is coal next, it is commissariat subsequently. And the agreement that commerce of global iron ore measures 50% come from China. Niu Yuming introduces, chinese fixed assets invests the future of dimensions and iron and steel industry to start the whole body to be being pulled for BDI. Since the four seasons is spent, because Chinese steely industry is downstream demand is abate in succession reduction of output, bring about iron ore slump in price, inventory to increase, and insufficient to confidence of demand of iron ore import. What deserve attention more is, chu Hai expresses, dry bulk cargo carries the fall that is defeated by demand just just began. 7, the shade of freight rate of international dry bulk cargo dropped August reflective is prices of international dry bulk cargo the callback after excessive on option market hype. And drop truly from what BDI dropped to mirror dry bulk cargo to carry requirement considerably continuously since September. Iron ore of steel look forward to negotiates or be benefited   " the fall as BDI, negotiation of global iron ore grasps the important chip in adversary hand to disappear all the time. " yesterday, combine steely net to analyse personage Du Wei to tell a reporter. According to the convention, negotiation of iron ore of 2009 year whole world is about to be in later started in November. In recent years, marine cost soares all the way, exceed the value of iron ore itself for a time even, this also becomes the weight used on a balance that for the whole world tycoon of 3 big iron ore asks to rise in price. "The other side thinks: You can accept so costly C.I.F, they should ask taller go up, in perhaps bringing into marine cost the negotiation. " Du Wei says. Negotiation of global iron ore is medium last year, an offer of Australia that need and needs develop and force develop break a convention not to accept river valley of Brazilian fresh water to decide, negotiation postpone again and again, take next higher than river valley of Brazilian fresh water prices finally to go up, regard rich as play chess weight used on a balance with marine cost just about, because Brazil is apart from,want than Australia from China far, marine Fei Genggui. "Now, the chip of this negotiation is nonexistent. " Du Wei says. Additional, will 7 years appear first price of iron ore merchandise on hand under long assist mine price. Quoted price of mine of merchandise on hand of India of the middle ten days of a month dropped in October to 85 dollars / ton the following, than March 2008 apogee drops of nearly 60% . And long-term contract FOB is 62% Australia pink 89 dollars / ton. Come for years, price of merchandise on hand is high, it is negotiation adversary all the time the demand increases long-term agreement price to go up another weight used on a balance. "Negotiation both sides is in now stronger, " the sea connects Niu Yuming of negotiable securities analyst to tell a reporter, "Adversary is draining iron ore reserve of China, once inventory is gone, demand rises necessarily; And Chinese steel look forward to has message of reduction of output to give off ceaselessly, from go up at all reduce the people anticipation to iron ore demand " . Shipping board piece the haze that share price steeps fall by BDI of heavy defeat   affects a shipping company directly, also mirror on their share price directly. Yesterday, chinese ocean, medium fortune of oil of sea development, long boat, Ning Bo is marine wait to achieve level sex at grail first new low. Among them, sit have the whole world most work energetically the Chinese ocean of bulk cargo fleet dropped yesterday stop, with that day minimum price 8.37 yuan of closing quotation, achieve since appearing on the market new low, relatively land A the maximum price since 68.22 yuan / , remain odd only. Nevertheless, the reaction of people may be excessive already. Be filled with rate rank with A stock market, yesterday, the city of 3.02 times is filled with Chinese ocean rate, the platoon is reciprocal the 3rd, smaller than its the first the 2nd company all is ST stock. "BDI drops influential to the company really, but not so big. " yesterday, general manager of department of concern of Chinese ocean investor bright east accept a reporter to interview express, "Outstanding achievement of the 3rd quarter won't be affected greatly, deficit is more impossible " . He introduces, according to count of the point when June 30, 2008, the scale of battalion carry day that its annual already was finished in day of total battalion carry 2008 or locks up calm income is 76.3% , each boat already was finished or lock up decided average rent water average prep above is respective annual achieved average level 2007, go up on average 40% the left and right sides. At present to what everybody is anxious BDI goes situation the freight that can affect Chinese ocean next year, bright east introduce, at present Chinese ocean already locked up calm next year the number of battalion carry day of 30% , the price is equivalent to the standard that BDI6000 selects, it is now of market condition 3 times the left and right sides. Chinese ocean share price drops continuously, control a partner or appear on the market whether can the company have answer measure? Bright east express, at present the company has not counter-purchased the action, dan Zhongyuan group expresses publicly already to plan to add hold Chinese ocean share, . - the English abbreviate that the noun explains to BDI(BalticDryIndex) of   of · BDI   is index of Baltic dry bulk cargo, hand in place to release by Baltic boat. Baltic boat reachs place is the world the first also is the shipping market with the longest history, the whole world 656 companies of 46 countries are the member that Baltic boat joins place. Current, daily issuance BDI index, be international is measured on the world the authoritative index of marine circumstance, it is the banner index that reflects international trade condition.
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