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King of divine China group installs door of new control of group of the coal in
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King of divine China group installs gate of new control of group of the coal in taking up the post of

On October 20, a public figure of group of the coal in be close to discloses to our newspaper reporter, plain spirit of divine China group east Wang An of coal branch general manager, general manager of group of the coal in replacing classics day break to take up the post of.

Our newspaper obtain a phone to contact with him Wang An for a short while, confirmed afore-mentioned views, he tells a reporter, he already group of the coal in transfer works, "Last week, relevant section had announced this appoints " .

Wang An already was system of divine China group this year " walk out of " person of the 2nd door of palm of center look forward to. This year in June, plain cloud citizen replaces assistant president of divine China group Cao Peixi takes up the post of general manager of China cable group.

The basis publishs a material, wang An is 49 years old, divine China group is before this " cornstalk " god east the general manager of coal branch holds Party committee secretary concurrently. Wang An assumes a look east during coal branch, was thought to create " god east mythological " -- successive the growth that 8 years coal output all achieves 10 million tons of above, the god east built coal of modernization of first 100 million tons of class to produce base.

Ask about when the reporter, walk on new later when the future of group of energy of the coal in be opposite has the idea with new what, wang An expresses, this should wait for be in the push to say again later. Because divine China follows in coal business is similar, industry thinks, the coal in king An Lvxin can " do a familiar work with ease " .

When cut stalks of grain, our newspaper reporter stops, national endowment appoint leader of group of the coal in having notting announce this formally external changes.
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