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Jing of crop of domestic steel products comes 10 years now infrequent enjoy grow
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The course is successive nearly 10 weeks steel price deep dial drops, market of domestic steel products already was " a chill " . The near future has news of a few trades to make the market general pay close attention to again: Month of patch up? that month, domestic cast iron and rolled steel yield appear in recent years infrequent month enjoys growth compared to the same period; Head the 4 mainstreams steelworks such as iron and steel of steel, Heibei, Shandong iron and steel comes out reduction of output the message of 20% ; Before this year 8 months, "Blame key " the cast iron crop of steel look forward to gives now to fall compared to the same period, this is inspected partial small steel mill " be forced to exit " symptom.
Xule of president of treasure steel group makes clear judgement on annual meeting of learning of Jiang Zaibao steel, high speed of course of study adds Chinese iron and steel to already passed for a long time, industry inflection point is shown. The personage inside a few course of study thinks, steely course of study " hibernate " inevitable, but should vigilant " passive hibernate " .
Fast growth and negative growth
After Chinese steely course of study enters 21 centuries, the high speed that maintains 20% above 6 years continuously grows, year rapid breakthrough closes crude steel crop 400 million tons greatly, force continuously 500 million tons new record.
But arrived 2008 the beginning of the year, personage of the analysis inside many course of study thinks, of Chinese steel output add fast will apparent slow down. The reason at that time is the cost of former fuel price such as the iron ore that upsurges continuously, coke will restrain domestic iron and steel to produce can release. Arrived second half of the year, the impetus with steely and downstream abate demand begins to form, steel price glides continuously. "Cost demand " the understanding of space of profit of industry of two-way extruding iron and steel is formed inside course of study stage by stage.
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