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Shaanxi appropriate plain discover gas field of one billion four hundred and ten
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Appropriate plain discovers gas field of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight reserves

Be equivalent to Xi'an city using 17 times of tolerance last year
Recently reporter Cong Yichuan the branch learns related the county, appropriate plain county discovered reserve the big gas field of 100 much stere. This one discovery denied long-term since the final conclusion with local meager mineral resources.

The bank of chute of mouth of Yellow River crock that appropriate plain county is located in ministry of Shaanxi middle east, Yan'an southeast ministry, highland of the north that belong to short for Weihe River is upland gully area. Churchyard gully freely, jackknife of chain of mountains, plain Yuan alternate with, geological structure is unique. In appropriate justice town and the Permian of charcoal of stone of birthday peak countryside become part of plain town south the development of coal division investigates the work beforehand in, preliminary ascertain shares explanatory coal bed 60, but coal mining 18, coal reserves 2.39 billion tons, coal-bed enrages 10 billion stere. Xi'an city last year control in 600 million stere with tolerance, this reserves is equivalent to Xi'an city using 17 times of tolerance last year.

According to place relevant section introduces, the coal that is aimed at new discovery, coal-bed enrages resource, this county established coal of appropriate plain county, coal-bed technically to enrage resource to develop leader panel. Begin at capital attraction, this county goes to Beijing and god China the group negotiates development intent, the city that go to Han inspects study coal to develop advanced experience, enter exploitation phase to offer at an early date for gas of coal, coal-bed with all one's strength assure. Newspage
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