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Grab! Coal industry magnate is contended for attend Xinjiang coal sumptuous dinn
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Major already by big company " divide up "
Fall in September, accurate east the god of basin multicoloured bay China colliery of Xinjiang branch open air, large grab is in a stage driving of do all one can. "A few spoon go down, but replete one lorry " . Station of the person that look around produces per year ability to amount to 5 million tons outdoor colliery brim in this, the look is cast to mine bottom, giant grab nearly toy, construction personnel body is like ant.
Nevertheless, with whole accurate east basin photograph is compared, did the outdoor colliery of great of extensive of this imposing manner calculate again what? Accurate east coal forecasts reserve 390 billion tons, "Want according to 2007 countrywide coal output 2.523 billion tons speed exploitation, can collect 100 old. Can collect 100 old..
According to statistic, be in at present accurate east the company that the area acquires prospect to counterpoise already had 25, each enterprise plans to be in accurate east the project that the area has chemical industry of coal report coal is built 60, predict total investment amounts to 490 billion yuan.
However, accurate east also be one of base of 4 big coal with firm Xinjiang nevertheless, xinjiang coal forecasts reserve twenty-one thousand nine hundred tons, 40% what occupy countrywide gross about. Answer relatively with huge coal natural resources, it is the capital of the big company that come in great numbers and a huge sum, divine China, Lu Neng, Lu is installed, mine of Xin Wen, Yan, Xu Kuang... new century at the beginning of, coal industry magnate contends for attend Xinjiang coal sumptuous dinner:
In November 2004, shandong Lu Neng group and Xinjiang build jointly " on the west report east send " report of coal of major project Lu Neng changes base to lay a foundation, the capacity of aircraft of power plant general assembly that cent period plans is 11.6 million kilowatt, with time base ground cent period builds project of follow-up coal liquefaction.
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