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Yunnan another name for Yunnan Province discovers capacity of resources of bauxi
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As we have learned, large bauxite is located in another name for Yunnan Province on the west " 3 rivers " take Yunnan into mine paragraph mid, this area geology is tectonic and complex, all through the ages is the key area that our country deploy searchs mineral products of nonferrous metal, precious metal.
It is reported, since 2005, geological worker uses the earth's surface to make an on-the-spot survey, shallow ministry project is disclosed and content changes the technical method such as exploration quantity, choose bauxite mineralization area 500 square of ~ of 300 square kilometer kilometer, confirm ledge basically distributings to construct in one large syncline inside, single ore body gives dew to grow 100 meters of ~ continuously 1200 rice, 100 meters wide ~ 500 meters, ledge is thick 1 meter of ~ 10 meters, grade is higher, companion gives birth to harmful element constituent little.
According to preliminary estimation, capacity of resources of bauxite distant view is in 100 million tons of above. Deepness of this mine bury differs to 200 meters from the earth's surface, hydrogeology condition is simpler, and be located in advanced course highway to adopt range, facilitating exploitation is used.
Concerned expert says, this bed is shallow sea deposit bed, belong to our country bauxite to basically seek ore horizon, potential is tremendous. Current, investment already just decided to invest capital of 30 million yuan of perambulate again, the plan refers natural resources of aluminous land of 332 333 level to measure 40 million tons of ~ first half of the year next year 50 million tons. 310 teams already finished Yunnan coloured in succession the project approving argumentation of area piece and perambulate design program examine perambulate of 356 square kilometer first selection, the presiding qualitative expert that decided responsible technique works, established project headquarters, job of massive system perambulate will be started recently.
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