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Xinjiang builds green safety mine energetically
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While Xinjiang is developing the mineral products resource such as copper, coal actively, increase geological to mine environment restore to administer strength, build green safety mine, accumulative total invests capital 167 million yuan, executive processing project 49. As we have learned, in recent years Xinjiang the sources of energy and development of mineral products resource warm up increasingly, promoted the development of local economy and society, but also cause dent of ground of partial mining area, abandon scoria stone everywhere to pile up, hill body vegetation is decreased suddenly, make zoology environment exasperate, mine ground qualitative calamity and hidden trouble are ceaseless grow in quantity. Rose 2003, xinjiang applies for mine ground actively to pledge the environment administers a project, finish geology of more than 700 mine to weave and be examined of environmental protection plan, country and municipal accumulative total invest capital 167 million yuan, project content includes backfill to collect empty area and open air to pick hole, stone of level off waste residue piles up, strengthen liquid waste processing, mix to afforest of mining area ground answer cultivate, a sector of an area of geological to may arising calamity takes effective precaution and processing step, make mine and surroundings restore to coordinate, eliminate safe to property of local masses life harm basically. Newspage

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