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Xiamen derv trade price head defeat 7000 yuan
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Although oil price of this Zhou Yi, 2 international is new stand firm 80 dollars / bucket, but price of crude oil futures falls greatly last week even more the 10% derv that still are your home are wholesale the price appears become loose. The reporter learns from Xiamen industry yesterday, xiamen derv trade price already dropped recently defeated 7000 yuan / ton close greatly, achieve close half an year antecedents history lowest.

Calculate so come, at present the derv trade price of Xiamen drops already broken retail price, approve no longer 0 hanged. Alleged batch 0 hang, it is to show retail price is lower than trade price, jobber sells so that get more with respect to compensate more more.

Trade price relatively apogee dropped to be become

Since this year, international oil price is just as sat " switchback " , on January 3, international oil price breaks through 100 dollars to close greatly, later all the way violent wind goes up, achieved the historical record of 147.27 dollars on July 11, domestic derv trade price also rushs to reach 7750 yuan high immediately afterwards / ton peak value.

As we have learned, the petrifaction in including at present, medium oil inside advocate battalion unit already unlocked a sale, derv approves hair quote to drop once more, gas price is held firm. Recently, on market of city of Xiamen, spring, petrifaction is opposite in derv of terminal client 0# reduces 80 yuan respectively, 100 yuan, reach 6950 yuan / ton, 6950 ~ 6975 yuan / ton. Those who deserve attention is, this is this year since May, xiamen derv approves hair quote to drop first defeat 7000 yuan / ton close greatly, this price relatively apogee drops to be become more than. And before a few months, derv trade price stands in all the time 7000 yuan / ton on level line.
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