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Deadlock of defect of iron ore negotiation
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The steel look forward to such as fierce steel, sanded steel, day steel was denied recently say, they were not accepted rise in price requirement, also did not make compromise on any breed, the steel in main support assist boycott Brazil mine. This means river valley of Brazilian fresh water and Chinese steel look forward to to rise in price with respect to iron ore form deadlock.
Early before the mainland has media to say, rise in price in fresh water river valley in incident, 5 steely enterprises of Chinese had made compromise on breed of partial iron ore, accepted rise in price requirement. This one message may mean Chinese steely business again comprehensive concede, also with in steel assist sturdy opposition manner photograph is violated.
After this Taiwan " industrial and commercial times " report, steel of the Sha Gang that alludes, fierce, day steel appears personally immediately about chief deny, analysis of the personage inside course of study says, in at present demand of Chinese rolled steel lasts atrophic, steelworks in succession below the circumstance that reduction of output lives, mine of merchandise on hand already with long assist mine price deviates from badly. If Chinese steelworks is accepted,rise in price, mean should accept potential loss.
Begin crop of Chinese cast iron to grow from January 2008 (namely iron ore demand) present downtrend all the time, appeared to enjoy growth first in August (- 1.85%) . Analytic personage thinks, the iron ore demand that brings from this is abate, will make the price of iron ore continues to drop.
Data of Department of Commerce shows, average price was end China iron ore in September 1200 yuan / ton, every tons relatively dropped in August 12.4% . Each advocate price yield a division all has drop, value of area of rising sun of end Heibei Tang Shan, Liaoning parted in September relatively end dropped in August 11.3% with 15.2% .
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