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Mine of our country main solid body is planted reserves soars
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The industry of countrywide geological perambulate that holding here manages an informal discussion to release a message to say, "915 " since, our country key takes geology to look for mine to gain new headway into mining area, a large amount of pillar sex mineral products that the home such as iron, copper, aluminium is badly in need of are added newly find out reserve to all have relatively grow substantially. Place of production of mine of countrywide new discovery 1202 place, among them large 194 place, medium-sized 240 place.
- - iron ore perambulate greets new peak, new discovery one batch large, exceed large iron ore mothball perambulate base. Liaoning bend grows deep of mountain iron ore to discover iron ore resource measures 100 million tons of above, among them resource of rich iron ore measures 62.3 million tons, the biggest rich iron mine that makes our country nearly 40 years discover; Anhui mud river discovers ply accumulative total amounts to 250 rice, average grade to achieve the ore body of 40 % , magnetic anomaly of iron ore of either end of a bridge of Shandong aid peace, Liaoning discovers form of thick big iron mine via bore test and verify.
- - western the copper mine perambulate of the area continues to obtain significant progress, form new development base. Copper mine of Tibetan drive dragon already became ten million ton class copper mine, discovered better prospect seeking ore deposit in its periphery. Preliminary estimation forecasts copper mine of Tibetan much dragon resources capacity exceeds 5 million tons. Job of perambulate of periphery of copper mine of Yunnan Pu Lang goes well, enlarged amount of resource of mining area distant view.
- - area of bauxite tradition advantage has again look for mine new discovery, form a batch of large bauxite mothball perambulate base. Perambulate of and other places of Guangxi, Guizhou, Henan, Yunnan fetchs significant gain, search bauxite of new country fairdyke of county of Guangxi Jing Xi, Guangxi dragon of that slope county adds up to Wu of bauxite, Guizhou a batch of dimensions such as bauxite of kiln of Cao of county of pool of Mian of bauxite of level ground of plain county made of baked clay factory, Henan obtain large deposit. 310 team is in coloured of near future Yunnan another name for Yunnan Province has new discovery again on the west, reserves of distant view resource is in 100 million tons of above.
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