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Chinese plan produces ground coal-bed gas to 2020 can promote to 50 billion ster
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A few days ago, limited company of group of Shanxi energy industry and in branch of oil field of oil China north held Shanxi coal-bed to enrage development to use demonstrative project signing ceremony in Beijing, both sides enrages domain coact in coal-bed.
Having " sunny industry " beautiful praise the coal-bed that say is angry, as the sources of energy in short supply with greenhouse effect more and more just be paid close attention to extensively domestic and internationally each. Coal-bed is developed angrily and use, offer for the enterprise such as coal, oil can expand opportunity continuously while, also brought new profit point of growth for these enterprises.
China concerns a branch to forecast, to 2010, the demand of domestic natural gas will rise to 100 billion stere, and domestic output has 70 billion stere only, this breach is the space of coal-bed gas development undoubtedly.
"Colliery killer " Cheng Qingjie the sources of energy
Coal-bed gas common weighs gas, its are main component is tall purity firedamp, it is the new-style the sources of energy that rises abruptly nearly 20 years on the world, its resource gross and groovy natural gas comparative, it is as unripe as coal companion, store with adsorptive condition the special rule natural gas within coal-bed, calorific value is general coal 2, 5 times. In the meantime, as a kind of dangerous gas, when its air chroma is achieved 5% , 16% when, encounter bright fire to be able to explode, because this is long-term since, gas is inspected colliery " the first killer " , to the production of the colliery the life safety of safety and collier constituted the biggest menace. If extract coal-bed is enraged first,be in before coal mining, rate of colliery fire damp explosion will be reduced 70% to 85% . In addition, coal-bed gas discharges atmosphere directly in, its greenhouse effect is 21 times of carbon dioxide about, opposite state environment is extremely ruinous strong.
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