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International oil price dives to our country did not come to a few weeks or redu
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Much home orgnaization is forecasted, suffer the effect that oil price of option market of near future international dives considerably, our country general may reduce standard of finished product oil price a few weeks in future.
Up to last weekend, WTI glided this year first 80 dollars / the interval under the bucket, for 77.7 dollars / bucket, drop substantially 8.89 dollars. And futures price is Bulunte 74.09 dollars / bucket, drama defeat 8.57 dollars.
Our newspaper reporter covered a state the analytic personnel that business of Tai Junan, action, country believes negotiable securities, sea to connect the orgnaization such as negotiable securities of gold of negotiable securities, country, these researchers gave out almost consistently afore-mentioned judgement.
International oil price from July the 145 dollars of the middle ten days of a month / sharp fall after a rise reachs the barrel near current 77 dollars, already was cutting sb in two at the waist almost. The analyst thinks, the government still is considering to adjust pattern of finished product oil price in what interval more appropriate.
The statistic of Shen Yinmo country shows, at the beginning of October, include benzine, derv and aviation kerosene the price of 3 kinds of products, was 2005 since first tower above is abroad and congener product value. Among them respect of aviation kerosene price, china does not contain duty value to go abroad high even time is average the price 594 yuan / ton.
Guo Taijun installs analyst Yang Wei to think, national hair changes appoint the likelihood still will continue to watch international oil price, accordingly, adjust will count a chapel to control in future probably. And the country believes Li Chen of negotiable securities analyst to be opposite in the phone our newspaper reporter says: "Need is advertent November. "Need is advertent November..
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