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China establishs special orgnaization to be carried out in order to advance what
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The sources of energy of China International nuclear fusion plans to carry out a center 10 days to uncover a shop sign in Beijing, carry out specially with advancing the sources of energy of international nuclear fusion to plan to concern better.

The principle of reactor of experiment of international hot nuclear fusion is similar sun glow is calorific, fall in the superhigh temperature condition of on 100 million Celsius namely, the fusion reaction of the isotropy deuterium that uses hydrogen, tritium releases a nuclear energy. Because deuterium and tritium can be extracted from inside seawater, and nuclear fusion should not produce greenhouse gas and nuclear waste material instead, because the sources of energy of this nuclear fusion is regarded as prospective mankind,the hope of new energy resources is in.

The sources of energy of international nuclear fusion plans (ITER) put forward 1985. In the assemble world fusion studied 2001 on the foundation of main achievement, plan engineering design is finished eventually. After this negotiates through 5 years, 7 delegates such as European Union, China, United States, Japan, Korea, Russia, India are reached consistent. According to 7 subscription agreements, plan general last a period of time 35 years, it is the large international science that international space station is next to on the world at present project plan, also be the international collaboration project with the biggest scope that China plays.

Minister of ministry of science and technology 10 thousand steel plan to carry out a center to uncover card ceremonially to express in the sources of energy of China International nuclear fusion, ITER plan is our country throughout history the project of collaboration of international science and technology with the organic meeting, capable, the biggest scope that plays with equal and companionate identity. Join ITER plan, it is China is national future the sources of energy to be able to develop continuously those who make is great and decision-making, revealed our country the manner that problem of significant to the whole world progress bears the blame and take an active part in international science and technology collaboration, make full use of the great ambition that resource of international science and technology promotes own innovation and determination. Great trust of nation of disappoint of executive center otherwise, build accord with those who participate in project of large international science and requirement of research collaboration project, duty trenchant, movement is efficient decision-making, seek advice and run a system, those who guarantee each respect job is successful begin and carry out.
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