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Protect world culture and natural heritage convention
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Protect world culture and natural heritage convention
(Organize plenary meeting because of education, science and culture jointly the seventeenth conference is passed at was in Paris on November 16, 1972)

The seventeenth meeting that U.N. education, science and culture organization congress reached to was held in Paris on November 21 on October 17, 1972. Notice culture bequest and natural heritage more and more the menace that is destroyed, on one hand because of year long corrupt changes be caused by, the society in changing at the same time and economic condition make a circumstance exasperate, cause more the harm that makes do hard and destroy a phenomenon;
Those who consider any culture or natural heritage is bad change or lose have the ill effect that makes whole world bequest dried up;
The job that considering the country one class protects this kind of heritage often very not perfect, the place country that the reason is working to need a large number of methods and label the property that protects a boy or girl friend at this does not have enough economy, science and technical power however;
Review this organization " group texture " regulation, this organization will be passed save and safeguard world bequest and proposal to conclude about the country necessary international convention will safeguard, promotional with transmission knowledge;
Considering have the international pact about culture and natural heritage; Suggest to make clear with resolution, protection belongs to which country no matter of people this kind infrequent and the belongings that cannot replace, very important to whole world people;
Considering the ministry a single cent or penny is changed or natural heritage has outstanding value, the one part that needs to regard complete mankind world as bequest consequently tries to protect;
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