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Rise to prevent take turns of case of coal, electrovalency, harmonious, stable, health expands stimulative coal and electric power trade, basis " value standard " thirtieth regulation, the decision comes since this day on December 31, 2008, generate electricity to be carried out with coal to the whole nation face measure of interpose of current price case, show announcement to be as follows:

One, company of countrywide coal production uses coal for generating electricity, include coal of key contract report and coal of report of blame key contract, its give mine value (car board price) all be highest price fixing with price of factual on June 19, 2008 close an account; Did not trade that day, with this before price of factual close an account serves as highest price fixing recently. During facing current price case to intervene, coal production company gives mine value with coal for generating electricity (car board price) uniform must not exceed highest price fixing.

Be not the market sale price of coal of key contract report for stability, provincial price is in charge of a branch to want to take the step such as rate of demarcate price difference, control current link cost.

2, both sides of coal supply and demand already signed a contract, the amount that should agree strictly according to the contract, quality and price fulfil electric coal contract. Prohibit turning key contract coal to be sold for market coal. Coal carries the rate that waits for current business to want to implement a provision, do not get do sth without authorization to raise valence or price adscititious price.

3, measure of interpose of the price when each coal produces an enterprise to want to carry out afore-mentioned facing strictly. Each district price is in charge of a branch to want to strengthen an examination, the key investigates the act that violates huff of governmental price fixing, do sth without authorization; Through reducing coal method of qualitative, shoddy cheat waiting for bully coverts the behavior that rise in price; Do not carry out electric coal to supply the contract, behavior that turns key contract coal to be sold for market coal to wait. Intervene temporarily to violating electric coal value the enterprise of measure according to " value standard " , " administration of price illegal action punishs a regulation " give gravity is handled. To investigated typical case, give on concerned media exposure.
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