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Mining industry authority evaluates criterion to come on stage divisional appear
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Authority of Chinese mining industry evaluated division association to was released a few days ago " (authority of Chinese mining industry evaluates standard) systematic frame " . This " systematic frame " point out clearly, to appearing on the market financing and country manage these two kinds of forms, the assessment of reserves of mineral products resource should be distinguished somewhat.

" systematic frame " explain, right same the assessment of the reserves of mineral products resource of a bed as much, use at appearing on the market financing and national government should emphasize particularly on somewhat. Appear on the market financing, the enterprise is it is a purpose with gain, assessment focal point is the reserves that the economy in mineral products resource can collect, cannot take the reserve of exploitation, the enterprise won't consider mine; And national government reserves, to master resource family property accumulated over a long time, stem from safeguard consideration of possessory rights and interests, should according to exploration gives the how many reserves, real case that reached what level and calm.

In addition, this " systematic frame " still evaluate mining industry advantageous position cent to be 8 kinds, information of financing of city of the assessment that includes money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of authority of mining industry of sell one's own things to be a purpose, assessment that is a purpose in order to make over, assessment that is a purpose with mortgage loan, assessment that is a purpose with legal lawsuit, above announces those who be a purpose to evaluate. The characteristic that category of purpose, different asset evaluates to differring in evaluating standard system asks to waited to make an agreement, the proposal evaluates division to be used actively.
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