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" steely industry develops policy " full text
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Steely industry is the main base industry of national economy, it is the industry propping up that realizes industrialization, it is technology, capital, resource, the sources of energy concentrated model industry, the development of steely industry needs to balance all sorts of exterior conditions integratedly. Our country is a development in big country, steely inside the quite long period that economy grows demand is bigger, crop already resided the world for years the first, but advanced level photograph compares the technical level of steely industry and content bad news and international to still have difference, development will be the technology upgrades mainly henceforth with structural adjustment. To raise level of technology of whole of iron and steel industry, advance structural adjustment, improve industrial position, expand circular economy, reduce specific power consumption of content bad news, take environmental protection seriously, increase a business integrated competition ability, implementation industry upgrades, develop steely property into economy of basic on amount, quality, breed contented countryman and social progress demand, have the industry of international competition ability, the domestic and international situation that faces according to concerned law laws and regulations and steely industry, make steely industry develop policy, in order to coach the health of steely industry develops.

Target of policy of the first chapter

The first develops condition of need and resource, the sources of energy and environmental protection according to society of our country economy, steely productivity carries reasonable scale, specific dimensions can be solved in the program. Ability of steely and integrated competition achieves international advanced level, the big country that makes our country becomes world iron and steel to produce and the power that have competition ability.
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