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The announcement that the State Council makes about strengthening an oily sectio
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The announcement that the State Council makes about strengthening an oily section electrician further
The country sends 〔 2008 〕 23
Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council orgnaization of each ministries and commissions, each directly under:

Implement scientific progress concept for development, implement resource conservation and the basic national policy that protect an environment, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency, alleviate oil and electric power supply tight situation, stimulative economy society can develop continuously, strengthen an oily section electrician to make an announcement be as follows further now:

One, the value that electrician of oily part of sufficient understanding part makes and pressing sex

Oil and electric power are important energy natural resources. Resource scarcity of Chinese the sources of energy, average per capita has an amount greatly under world average level. Change as industrialized, town develop quickly, the sources of energy consumes gross to increase ceaselessly, oil and electric power supply insecurity to already became a when restrict economic society progress main factor. See even at the same time, although in last few years job of report of part oily part gained certain headway, but energy consumption is unreasonable, use efficiency small state is more serious still. According to statistic, standard of economy of Chinese car fuel compares low 15%-20% of European average level, electric machinery system moves efficiency to compare low 10%-20% of foreign advanced level, product of illume of small effect electric machinery and relevant equipment, small effect still is in a large number of use, market of efficient and energy-saving air conditioning has rate inadequacy 5% , executive authority, enterprise or business illume of landscape of large and unit, public construction, city and family use the respect such as report to still exist a lot of wasteful phenomena. Especially since this year, oil of a few areas, electric power is supplied continuously nervous, must take effective measures, improve oil, electric power to supply tight situation.
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