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Land ministry " land benefit examines way with annual plan executive circumstanc
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On the place if carry out year to plan not do one's best with the ground, will face the penalty that deducts next year to use ground index. Ministry of land natural resources allotted to each district a few days ago " land benefit carries out a circumstance to examine way with annual plan " , to the province (area, city) reach plan sheet to list city land to use annual plan to carry out a circumstance to execute assessment. In annual make known to lower levels was saved each in January (area, city) the land that lists city with plan sheet uses foundation of annual plan draft to go up, " method " put forward clearly, approve the ground to exceeding a plan, want how to many exceed by ' , buckle the principle of how many ' , deduct the plan index of below one year. In the meantime, it is certain that draft total index plans in place of make known to lower levels inside proportional gross limits, on the basis one annual plan carries out assessment result, violate quickly to exceeding a plan badly to had decreased with the ground, farmland, badly compasses break the law to take up with the ground, construction farmland occupies filling balance to be not fulfilled, deduct corresponding plan index.

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