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General office of the State Council produces 1/3 of coal county stop production
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Shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River gives seismic electric coal insecurity and coming summer to use electric height one disaster after another, requirement of urgent a few days ago announcement just makes general office of the State Council each oil gas of good coal electricity carries and farming endowment supply safeguard.

This informs and did not see the possibility that adjusts oil price electrovalency, taste the supply with coal to include the Olympic Games in order to ensure with electric height through ensuring oil with all one's strength however with report.

From inside this announcement requirement various places, departmental doorknob ensures electric coal to supply the first job that receives peak estivate as current electric power, for this, each produce coal to save (area, city) should be in ensure safe premise falls, increase coal to produce hard, accelerate stop production to rectify small coal mine answer produce check and accept.

If produce coal county to draft those who arrange above of 1/3 of capability of stop production coal, must be approved via provincial government and sign up for national hair to change appoint superintend total bureau to put on record with safety.

In addition, the State Council still asks railroad branch raises electric coal day to all hold car level during the estivate that greet a peak, the area in Tang Hehua of proper Xiang Jingjin tilts. In the estivate that greet a peak, degree winter and during holding the Olympic Games, traffic carries a branch to carry coal of report of highway open up to carry ' of ' green passageway to main coal, safeguard report coal is carried expedite.

Oil tastes respect the State Council to hold to oil to sell an enterprise to implement the provision such as national price strictly, ensure the market is stable, the State Council is returned the oil in the requirement, medium head office of marine oil of petrifaction, China should be accelerated build go into operation of complete of oil refining ability, factory of reasonable arrangement refine is overhauled, develop finished product oily productivity adequately, increase resource supply.
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