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The 9 ministries and commissions such as ministry of land natural resources rect
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" global information a list of names posted up " on March 4 message: Hair of ministry of land natural resources, country changes appoint, 9 ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Public Security announced yesterday, will begin since this month rectify and ' of order of development of resource of normative mineral products looks round ' acts, gravity investigates mineral products resource to develop all sorts of irregularity of the domain to violate compasses act. Xu Shao of minister of ministry of land natural resources history: A few places of ' do not have card perambulate exploitation, jump over exploitation of layer cross the border, prospect is on name, it is mining actually, the resurgence that closes mine breaks the law etc violate compasses behavior to happen from time to tome, partial place still appeared to turn over resilient tide, some returns very serious ' . 3 when rectifying the operation that develops sequence with normative mineral products this to will be months of 9 ministries and commissions. Want to strive for conformity of major mining area to reach the designated position basically first half of the year this year, the end of the year asks to finish resource conformity job according to the State Council.

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