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Unit of perambulate of geology of Shanxi province coal all must be dealt with pu
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Rose on March 2 namely, the unit of coal geology perambulate that Fan Zaishan saves perambulate of geology of mine of coal of the work out inside canton region to report on the west, should deal with to bureau of province coal industry put on record. The reporter saved coal industry bureau to understand this from Shanxi recently. The unit of intelligence of coal geology perambulate that put on record, the project technology personnel that reports related the work out can be participated in in unit of a perambulate only put on record, must not repeat put on record. Put on record if list of personnel of intelligence unit technology has fluctuant, answer to report change in time. Did not fulfill those who put on record, bureau of province coal industry will not be accepted relevant examine and approve, the report that management department of each city coal also must not weave to its with any reason undertakes examine and appearing in the newspaper.

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