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Resource of iron of cottage fir deep measures more than 100 million tons
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In slimy river since last year 700 meters of deep discover large iron ore hind, bureau of mine of land of the Anhui province quickened the pace of perambulate of mineral products of cottage fir area, at present the iron resources capacity of this area ascertain already exceeded 100 million tons.
Cottage fir area is one of demonstrative areas of 3 important perambulate of countrywide seeking ore deposit, also be the key area that bureau of Chinese geology investigation develops perambulate seeking ore deposit to set an example. The perambulate of mineral products resource that bureau of mine of land of the Anhui province carries out commonweal sex, commerciality photograph actively to be united in wedlock in this area is new mode. In November 2007, group of office of natural resources of land of this bureau and bureau of Chinese ground attune, the Anhui province, 5 mine reachs cooperative perambulate to develop an agreement, through in the center of, capital of place, company throws linkage with all possible means, quicken pace of work of perambulate of integral mineral products.

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