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Henan discovers natural resources of ore of clay of one pottery and porcelain me
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Recently, team of investigation of geology of area of bureau of mine of Henan province land saves treasure abundant county in Henan cool and refreshing temple discovers ore deposit of clay of one pottery and porcelain, resource measures 7.42 million tons, at the same time companion gives birth to bauxite, hematite and coal.
It is reported, this project is Henan province money of two authority value looked 2005. Mining area is located in the comfort austral China north Liu Kuai, mian pool, truly mountain fall plait breaks bundle of middle, deposit mineral products becomes mine condition on area good. Pass two years of time, the project finished early or late 1: 2000 geology measure, 1: 1000 section plane are measured, shallow well, trenching, drill wait for the job, outside finding out mine of clay of pottery and porcelain, still discover bauxite, hematite, humic acid uses coal 3 kinds of mineral products. According to introducing, project group discovers ore body of clay of 6 pottery and porcelain in all, contain ledge group of Taiyuan of department of the charcoal that it is stone is mid arenaceous mudstone paragraph with Benxi group, ledge is thick 2 - 8 meters; Bauxite ledge is thick 0.83 - 2.35 meters, resource measures 1.42 million tons; Hematite contains ledge thick 2 - 3 meters, resource measures 3.82 million tons; Coal-bed is general thick 0.83 - 8.93 meters, humic acid content is higher, can serve as humic acid uses coal, resource measures 1.89 million tons.

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