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Potential of Xinjiang coal exploration is tremendous
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Group of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences came to Xinjiang a few days ago, related to the municipality the unit begins Xinjiang coal and coal-bed to enrage integrated development to use build expert have an informal discussion with base of integrated the sources of energy, open in border of survey prelusive, construct to table a proposal for base of chemical industry of coal of Xinjiang coal report. The expert thinks, resource exploration is the base that coal industry expands, xinjiang needs to increase pace of exploration of coal natural resources.
Xinjiang coal natural resources takes the throughout the country 1/4, but as a result of exploration plan all the time lag, cause resource utilization rate very low. How the advantage of economy of resource advantage translate into Xinjiang, it is the problem that expert and municipal government pay close attention to jointly.
Current, xinjiang planned to allow east, Yi Li, Ha Mi, library does obeisance to base of chemical industry of coal of 4 coal report, among them in order to allow east with Yi Li two ground are development key, introduced divine China group, Lu to install group of group, Lu Neng group, new short of Wenshui River to wait for group of cable of domestic large coal to undertake chemical industry of coal report, coal, coal becomes oily to wait for the development of the project.
Wu Jiachun of deputy director general of Xinjiang coal Board of Industrial Management expresses, the problem that at present Xinjiang coal industry faces basically is, reserves of Xinjiang coal ascertain is occupied only 5.3% what forecast reserve, need increases exploration pace; Coal develops means to lag behind, stoping rate is only 30% ; In addition, product surtax is low, and phenomenon of colliery talent fault is serious.
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