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Development of mine of the first gold carries the Asia program common people pra
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On July 20, save standing committee of 11 National People's Congress 4 times the conference holds a plenary session the 2nd times, listened to province hair to change appoint director Zhao Chun makes on behalf of province government institute " the report that about the Gansu Province national economy and society developed a plan to carry out a circumstance first half of the year 2008 " , the Asia's biggest gold mine -- a batch of priority discipline such as processing of fuel of lack of development of mine of gold of in relief mountain, nucleus already were included me to save economy of key of second half of the year in the job.

Answer eye first half of the year
Invite public bidding of ' of project of key of ' of orchid change railroad
First half of the year, complete province fulfilled each support agriculture in the round benefit farming policy, in was being carried out, oily Qing Yangshi changes 3 million tons / year revise a batch of projects such as extend project, finished 9 pasture gorge project of main body of large dams of key water control project, start in the round carried out bharal river region to administer fill area integratedly to transform a project, couplet of He Yongchang pyroelectricity of Lanzhou pyroelectricity company produces a project to clutching project approve and construction of in advance start working. The channel of Xi Qinling of control sex project of project of orchid change railroad entered order of invite public bidding. In nucleus large lack fuel commercializes 404 factories book of aftertreatment project proposal already reported a country to wait for batch, golden plain group participates in established Yang Shan company of golden mine perambulate is beginning mining area sift and development actively. Eliminated 5 17 ferroalloy enterprise, steely companies many tons 20 backward produce can, for 3.85 million poverty domestic student extends freely schoolbook, dweller of 2.403 million town attended insurance of primary medical treatment, build cheap to rent a house 3548, enter allowance of medical treatment of cooperative iatrical farmer also from annual everybody raises 80 yuan 40 yuan.
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