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Shanxi builds first coal-bed of our country to enrage situation of insecurity of
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Oil group yesterday announces in, the pipeline of first coal-bed gas that our country start working builds -- enrage on the west east be defeated by Shanxi coal-bed to enrage conduit to was in a few days ago village of small mountain of county of Shanxi ooze water leaves formally build. After building go into operation, the coal-bed energy of life with rich district of Shanxi ooze water inputs in a steady stream ceaselessly enrage on the west east be defeated by conduit, with western after natural gas mixes, be defeated together to Hua Dong area. This can alleviate on certain level downstream natural gas supplies nervous contradiction.

It is reported, this conduit is full-length 35 kilometers, start is set in ooze water county to carry a family name to press down golden peak village, terminus is enrage on the west east pressure boost of water is defeated by ooze stands, ooze river passes through 1 times in road, ooze water river 6, pass through Hou month railroad 1. The project predicts the main body end November is finishing.

Notable is, because coal-bed gas and natural gas are having identical chemistry to form, its can mix with natural gas use. Building first coal-bed this to enrage conduit also is to be in net of canal of main force of our country natural gas introduce coal-bed to enrage first. Oil expresses about the personage in, after put into production of this project building, can alter the aspect that colliery accident frequency sends stage by stage not only, reasonable development uses Shanxi coal-bed to enrage, the development pace that quickens gas of coal-bed of ooze birdbath ground, stimulative place economy grows, still will make coal-bed gas enters our country main force to lose tracheal network directly through conduit, arrive at market terminal, alleviate effectively the state of insecurity of natural gas supply and demand.
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