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Gansu Province somewhere authority of ferromanganese mine prospect makes over TZ
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Gansu Province somewhere authority of ferromanganese mine prospect is made overTZ070612

Mine plants: Ferromanganese mine

Perambulate area: 18.62 square kilometer

Reserve: Ore reserves makes an appointment with 20 million tons

Savour: Contain iron 40% , contain manganese 15%

Project brief introduction: Mining area geology works to uncover two ore body in all, two roughly parallel. Industrial type is flower of ore of iron of tall manganese bare, magnet, arteries and veins mineral wait for quartz, calcite. Body of iron ore of industry of this mining area belongs to ledge of bare, magnet, the ply of the content of the iron in iron ore and ore body becomes direct ratio, namely bigger iron content jumps over ore body ply tall, the type of ore and quality all better, iron ore can achieve high grade iron concentrate pink through farther mineral separation.

Transfer the value: 4 million yuan

Communication is very easy, water and electricity can be solved

Contact: Make young lady Mr Hou

Phone: 010-64251139 turns 8005 or 8007

Fax: 010-64254513

Mobile phone: 13366916556
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