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Guangxi somewhere copper mine makes over CZ070605
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Guangxi somewhere copper mine is made over

Project name: Guangxi somewhere copper mine is made over

The project builds content: Material of processing of mining, ore, copper is machined

The market forecasts: Copper is the strategic resource with in short supply country, electronic industry development is swift and violent, the high additional cost of electric copper machines product market to demand exceeds supply, market prospect is valued.

The project builds a condition

Show mine to have can collect geological reserves: Ore measures 5.76 million tons, the metal measures 35 thousand tons, average copper grade 1.5, 1.9; This mine has 40 years collect, mineral separation history, existing worker 800 much people, have the talented person such as geological, mining, smelt, have the talent resource of cupreous industry catenary.

The project always invests: 250 million yuan

The project builds an address: Guangxi somewhere

Cooperative means: Whole is auctioned or rent

Invest benefit and redound analysis: With year processing ore measures 330 thousand tons of computation, produce per year cupreous concentrate to be able to amount to 20 thousand tons, iron concentrate 30 thousand tons, year gross value of industrial output 70 million yuan, annual interest embellish 15 million yuan, cupreous material machines a project to invest 200 million yuan, embellish of predicting annual interest can amount to 30 million yuan.
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